Design of a Transparent System for Mutual Coupling Reduction of Microstrip Array Antennas with Confined Water
Herein, a new method for minimizing mutual coupling of an antenna array with confined water is proposed. In multiantenna systems, mutual coupling reduction is needed to sustain array signal. Click to read more...

Treating cancer and other diseases with highly energetic forms of ionizing radiation
In addition to X rays and gamma rays, densely ionizing particles neutrons, protons, mesons, alpha particles, and heavy ions, for example have been used increasingly to treat cancer and other lesions Click to read more...

How automotive Ethernet and 5G will power autonomous driving
Human beings are complex creatures: Our brains transmit signals via our nervous systems to our muscles. At the same time, impulses that we perceive through our sensory organs are transmitted by our nerves to our brains. This enables us to communicate, act and react in and with our environment. Autonomous driving works in much the same manner Click to read more...

Our Projects

Presentation of a New Method to Reduce Mutual Coupling in Microstrip Array Antennas by Water.

Water patch array antenna with liquid dielectric structure for reduction of mutual coupling.

Aperture antenna design and reduction of pairing between arrays with new magnetic band structure.

Designing the structure of the magnetic chat strap by combining the method EBG and DGS.

Reduce the coupling of electromagnetic waves for the first time with graphite.

Broadband array antenna design with circular polarization

WTransparent broadband antenna design for use in space satellites

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